The Montvale PBA hosts at least two charitable events annually.  The first is in March as we present our Annual Comedy Show.  The second is the Annual 5k.  All of the proceeds from these events are given to a local charity or cause.
We have supported the Montvale Recreation Department, the Pascack Valley Navigators, the Montvale School District, Montvale Senior Club and DARE to name a few.
The Montvale PBA is beginning its' 2015 Summer Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program for school age children in Montvale.  Children observed exhibiting good bicycle and pedestrian habits will be rewarded with a free, small Slurpee, at the Montvale 7-Eleven. The program is running until Labor Day 2015.

2018 by Montvale PBA 303. 

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